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Deco-fact rocks along with largest entrepreneurs Orchestra of Limburg

April 03, 2018

The largest entrepreneurs Orchestra of Limburg collected on 11 January on the Nieuwjaarsinvitito of Voka. The Chamber of Commerce Limburg had this year ' Voka rocks ' as the theme, a wink to the togetherness within companies. More t…  continue

Deco-Fact creates festive atmosphere on Stephex Masters

September 03, 2017

In the shadow of the Brussels Atomium the Stephex Masters took place from Wednesday 30 August to Sunday 3 september. In close cooperation with BHV Expo Group Deco-Fact  decorated the VIP-loge and the Stephex Club. The Stephex Masters i…  continue

Objective party in modern Veldeman tent

May 15, 2017

  For the celebration of its 20-year anniversary and the opening of a state of the art new building  software company Objective wanted to rent  an appropriate tent. These had to be big enough for a reception area and a s…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates Evolution in stylish black and white on BRAFA

January 2017, 31

  from 21 to 29 January 2017 You could visit the 62nd Edition of the Brussels Art Fair, better known as BRAFA in Tour & Taxis Brussels. Brafa is not only the first major art event of the year, but also one of the leading art f…  continue

Deco-Fact again pushes boundaries at the Zoute Rally Grand Prix

December 16, 2016

The Zoute Grand Prix is the oldtimer event where the most prestigious car brands in the world are represented. From 6 until 9 October one had the chance to show off his/her showpiece. This year Deco-Fact has also been given the chance to sh…  continue

Deco-Fact supplies Kookeet in Bruges

November 07, 2016

Kookeet is the meeting place for all food lovers. It was the 6th edition of this culinary festival which took place in Bruges. 24, 25 and 26 september guest-chef Jeroen Meus served along with 31 top chefs delicious dishes of gourmet cuisine…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates the RICOH Open

September 30, 2016

The RICOH Open in Rosmalen loved this place from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th of June. This is the only Dutch grass tennis tournament. Meanwhile, the Open is a fixture in the international tennis circuit. The RICOH Open stands for pleasure, bu…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates hall for jubilee of Axor

September 15, 2016

Axor Industrial Building at Bocholt is blowing 20 candles this year and celebrated this together with customers, suppliers and especially with their motivated staff. The party took place in the production hall of Ax…  continue

Deco-Fact supplies tents tour of Flanders

April 20, 2016

On Sunday the 3th of April the Tour of Flanders took place. It was the 100th edition of the cycling tour. This classic is the bench mark for all cycling enthusiasts. For the occasion of this anniversary The Fan unique Ride was organized. Hu…  continue

Deco-Fact supplied tent decoration for the baptism of 'Vole Au Vent'

May 22, 2016

Thursday the 28th of April the ship ' Vole Au Vent ' was baptized in Ostend in the presence of Queen Mathilde. ' Vole Au Vent ' is the installation vessel of the international renowned dredging company Jan De Nul f…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates the Evolution at Brafa

February 01, 2016

 From the 23rd to 31st of January the Brussels Art Fair, BRAFA, took place at Tour & Taxis. BRAFA is one of the world's oldest art and antiques fairs. The first edition was already organized in 1956. The fair is one of the lead…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates New Years Invitito of Voka


Thursday 14 January 2016 was marked in the agenda of many entrepreneurs of Limburg. The annual New Years Invitito of Voka is a fixed value. Every year again this new year's reception is a high level event thanks to the good organization…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

November 28, 2015

The 42nd edition of the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent took place from the 13th until the 24th of October. Also this year many national and international people made their appearance in Ghent. Besides some famous actors and actr…  continue

Deco-Fact decorates the Zoute Grand Prix Rally in Knokke (B)

November 15, 2015

From 8 until 11 October 2015 the streets in Knokke were the scene of shiny vintage cars race. Those classic cars raced against each other in the Zoute Rally Grand Prix. Fans of oldtimers could see hundreds of exclusive cars of premium brand…  continue

Deco Fact decorates at the Memorial Van Damme

October 01, 215

The Memorial Van Damme took place at the King Baudouin Stadium on Friday the 11th of September 2015. The highlight of the athletics world. This 39th edition of the Memorial Van Damme was the last and most important athletics event of the ye…  continue

Deco Fact handles upholstery at Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde

September 25, 2015

From the 5th until the 9th August, the Flanders Horse Event took place in Lochristi (near Ghent). This is the annual highlight of the equestrian sports. The event attracts thousands of horse lovers from home and abroad. This year is a jubil…  continue

Deco Fact dresses tents on The Optima Open in Knokke

September 16, 2015

Deco Fact was this summer at the seaside. Not for a well-deserved holiday-at-the-seaside, but to upholster the tents of a unique event. On the agenda was the decoration of the tents of the Optima Open in Knokke. 24Seven organized this tenni…  continue

Deco Fact upholsters l’Espace Maillot Jaune during Tour de France

September 05, 2015

Deco Fact decorates tents for the most diverse and varied events. During the summer it is mainly VIP tents at the major festivals. But the summer is also the period in which the biggest cycling race in the world takes place. The tents of th…  continue

Deco Fact decorates tents Volvo Ocean Race Pitstop The Hague in 2015

August 29, 2015

Commissioned by De Boer nv Deco Fact dressed tents of the Volvo Ocean Race Pit Stop The Haque 2015. For this three-day festival Deco Fact provided tissue for several tents existing of white sidewall and rooftop upholstery. It was an ‘…  continue

Deco Fact decorates backstage at Rock Werchter and TW Classic

July 17, 2015

From 25 June to 28 June, the festival Rock Werchter is the official beginning of the summer holidays. A week later it's followed by the TW Classic festival. People were firmly partying on the meadow of Werchter. In the backstage was obv…  continue

Deco Fact supplies new curved rooftop on the Innovation festival in Ulft

June 25, 2015

The Innovation Festival took place from 25 to 28 March on the DRU Industry park in the Dutch Ulft. With ' A stepping stone to a new timber-framed ' as its central theme the region showed its innovative, enterprising and connect…  continue

BASF creates chemistry in Antwerp

May 10, 2015

BASF includes 150 years and for 50 years in our country. On Sunday, May 10th threw the world famous company's doors open. Everyone was welcome to take a look behind the scenes of the largest chemical company in Belgium. Also Deco-Fact w…  continue

Deco Fact at Longines Spring Classic of Flanders

May 03, 2015

From Thursday, April 30th till Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 the imposing backyard of the family Postelmans in Lummen was again the scene of a major outdoor jumping event. This five-star jumping is one of the best and biggest in the world. Deco-Fac…  continue

Deco-Fact supplies third edition City Polo Maastricht

April 24, 2015

Saturday  21 and Sunday 22 March 2015 Maastricht was the place to be for the third edition of City Polo Maastricht. The tournament turned out to be not only a sporting highlight, but also sponsered the Limburg Foundation Alzheimer'…  continue

10 years Eventonline? Party Time!

March 26, 2015

 On 26 March 2015 Eventonline transformed the BMW-garage  Norssen in Aartselaar into a sparkling, exclusive event location. This event was captured live by DB Video. A unique event, because the party place functioned as a showroom…  continue

Deco-Fact takes care of fitting upholstery on New Years Invitito


 Thursday, January 8, 2015, the 23rd edition of the New Year’s Invitito Of the Voka - Chamber of Commerce Limburg - aroused great interest. More than 2,800 participants, including many entrepreneurs, managers and politicians, hav…  continue

41st Edition Film Fest Ghent dressed up by Deco-Fact

December 19, 2014

 From October 14 until 25, the 41st edition of Film Fest in Ghent took place, focusing this year on the French cinema. The festival is hugely successful since 2001, thanks to the organization of the World Soundtrack Awards. The film fe…  continue

Flanders Horse Event Beervelde colourfully dressed up by Deco-Fact

November 12, 2014

Many horse lovers went to Flanders Horse Event for the 9th edition of Jumping Beervelde, which took place from August 6 to 10. In recent years, the contest has become a three-star premier event for the sport and met again a success this yea…  continue

Deco-Fact provides ' Bohemian Chic ' on Eccentric

July 07, 2014

 From May 28 to June 2, the beach of Knokke-Heist hosted the 12th edition of Eccentric, the luxury event and lifestyle reference. This year, Eccentric launched a new concept under the theme of 'Bohemian Chic'. For the 6th conse…  continue

Deco-Fact celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new web site

June 03, 2014

 Precisely 10 years ago, armed with the idea that there is a textile upholstery suitable for every occasion, Deco-Fact is launched in the sale and rental of textiles for tents and halls. The tenth anniversary of Deco-Fact must of cours…  continue

Deco-Fact dressed Beliès building for its inauguration

May 27, 2014

 In order to give the brightness required for the opening of its new corporate buildings, Beliès appealed to Feestarchitect Dominique. As a specialist in the market of the Mediterranean gastronomy, Beliès wanted an event …  continue

"My Pop up restaurant" tastefully upholstered by Deco-Fact

April 22, 2014

Pop up restaurants are the new trend of the gastronomic world, a fact that has not escaped VTM. After the success of 'Mijn Restaurant', the new edition plays the card of this new trend in the foodservice industry. Since February, 5 …  continue

Deco-Fact also present on BK Cyclocross Waregem

February 27, 2014

During the second weekend of the new year, the famous Belgian Championship Cyclocross took place on the equally famous Hippodrome of Waregm. The sunny weekend of 11 and 12 January attracted a large crowd. More than 23000 visitors saw for th…  continue

Big success for the VoKa's New Year's Ivitito

February 03, 2014

Thursday the 9th of January 2014, the 22 edition of the VoKa’s New Year’s Invitito of the VoKa – Chamber of Commerce took place under great interest. Deco-Fact Ltd. , who has the reputation of being the ‘specialist i…  continue

"Brussels Ice Magic" icy dressed by Deco-Fact

January 10, 2014

After the huge success in Paris, the International Ice sculpture Festival “Ice Magic” has come to Brussels for the first time on the Place de Palais. The event started December 20 and you can still admirer the sculptures until F…  continue

Zoute Grand Prix attractively dressed by Deco-Fact

December 09, 2013

From 10 until 13 October, car fans were enjoying the luxury weekend in Knokke-Heist once again. The exclusive weekend of Zoute Events, in cooperation with DLB CONCEPTS and Veldeman Structure Solutions, transformed Knokke-Heist into a great …  continue

Deco-Fact dresses Film Fest professionally

November 21, 2013

The 40th edition of the famous film festival in Gent took place from 8 until 19 October and since this year it carries the name Film Fest. For 4 years in a row the organisation appealed to the specialists of Deco-Fact to decorate the VIP ac…  continue

Deco-Fact designs the VIP areas at Flanders Horse Event 2013

September 19, 2013

 Again this year many horse lovers participated in the meanwhile widely known Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde.  Once again, Neptunus Structures chose to collaborate with Deco-Fact for the decoration of the VIP- structures to ext…  continue

Deco-Fact everywhere represented on summerfestivals

August 20, 2013

 The summer and the busy festival season comes to its end. Belgium, the Festival Mecca for all the music lovers, began its festival season with Werchter Boutique and will end traditionally half September with Leffinge Leure. Beside the…  continue

Deco-Fact Decorates Road Cycling World Championship

January 11, 2013

At the most recent Road World Championship for road cycling, Neptunus Structures commissioned Deco-Fact to supply all of the event's VIP structures with the necessary upholstery as well as construction of event structures. The eight-day…  continue