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Deco-fact rocks along with largest entrepreneurs Orchestra of Limburg

April 03, 2018
The largest entrepreneurs Orchestra of Limburg collected on 11 January on the Nieuwjaarsinvitito of Voka. The Chamber of Commerce Limburg had this year ' Voka rocks ' as the theme, a wink to the togetherness within companies. More than 2 800 Voka-members wished each other the best for 2018.  In his speech President Francis Mittens looked ahead and announced the SALVO-action plan.
Entrepreneurs, managers, business managers, politicians and other dignitaries found their way to the Gouverneur Roppesingel for the Nieuwjaarsinvitito of Voka – Chamber of Commerce Limburg.
About 40 embassies also were represented. President Francis Mittens opened the evening with a thank you to all entrepreneurs. Thanks to their efforts, the Limburg unemployment dropped down historically.
Voka rocks!
The theme this year was ' Voka rocks '. Nine entrepreneurs literally blew up together with backing band Festeyn. The musicians of service were Ed Somers (Vestio) – trumpet, Christiaan Kastrop (Eksturstore) – guitar, Prakash Jadhav (Yontec) – guitar, David stores (Maasmechelen Village) – vocals, Ben Lacey (PXL College) – harmonica, Gert writers (Smuco) – trumpet, Ludwig Stevens (Sterimed) – saxophone and Philippe Bodson
Deco-Fact, the specialist in upholstery of tents decorated the integrated tentcomplex
commissioned by Veldeman tents .

Deco-Fact creates festive atmosphere on Stephex Masters

September 03, 2017

In the shadow of the Brussels Atomium the Stephex Masters took place from Wednesday 30 August to Sunday 3 september.

In close cooperation with BHV Expo Group Deco-Fact  decorated the VIP-loge and the Stephex Club.

The Stephex Masters is a jumping with name and fame within the equestrian world, where the world's best riders compete against each other. This grand and well-attended event took place in Wolvertem, in the green outskirts of Brussels.

The company BHV Expo Group builded more than 11,000 m² of tents, where sport, excitement and entertainment were in the spotlights. Together with BHV Expo Group, Deco-Fact provided the roof and the side walls of the VIP lodge tent with white upholstery. were known on. The decorative presentation tent of the impressive VIP-loge – with a size of as much as 20 x 105 m! -was the perfect job for Deco-Fact.

Also the "Stephex Club", where guests couold party until late hours  was decorated by Deco-Fact with aBlack rooflining.

Deco-Fact looks very satisfied back on good cooperation with BHV Expo Group.



Objective party in modern Veldeman tent

May 15, 2017

  For the celebration of its 20-year anniversary and the opening of a state of the art new building  software company Objective wanted to rent  an appropriate tent.

These had to be big enough for a reception area and a seated dinner, and a party on the last day of the three-day corporate event. The tentstructuur had to be connected with the new building and there had to be eclipse feature to create the perfect atmosphere for a gig. Veldeman placed a beautiful booghal Arcada of 15m by 45m. The modern tentstructuur was equipped with tight-fitting panels

The booghal was darkened by the use of opac (non-translucent) roof fabric and black upholstery.

Together with partners, The Powershop, Deco-Fact, Coby, Soundfield and Dinner Private made Veldeman for a successful result!



Deco-Fact decorates Evolution in stylish black and white on BRAFA

January 2017, 31

  from 21 to 29 January 2017 You could visit the 62nd Edition of the Brussels Art Fair, better known as BRAFA in Tour & Taxis Brussels. Brafa is not only the first major art event of the year, but also one of the leading art fairs in the world. Commissioned by Neptunus Structures Deco-Fact provided a stylish upholstery for the temporary restaurant, housed in an Evolution-tent,


As one of the oldest art fairs in the world – BRAFA was founded in 1956 – is the event very highly regarded in the art world. And that should come as no surprise given the Organization year after year a flagship offering to ' fine arts ', antique, modern and contemporary work and design under one roof. More than 60,000 visitors – once again this year a record – knew the road to Tour & Taxis, where the stock market since 2004, has to find its home port there to enjoy to the fullest the offer of not less than 132 reputable exhibitors from 16 countries. The fact that BRAFA increasing numbers of foreign art lovers for a trip to Brussels know to charm, proves that the nine-day event to the absolute top of European art fairs.


At a prestigious fair hears an equally prestigious restaurant and there loaded the Neptune Structures and Deco-Fact in turn. Neptunus set there is a 15 m x 45 m large Evolution-tent, which is characterized by an ingenious construction system in which the aluminum roof structure at one time with a hydraulic system is increased. Deco-Fact made at the request of Neptune for a remarkable and stylish sky upholstery of the tent with white and black surfaces and points up and down in the roof. Visually formed the different planes a visually stunning, smooth transition.



Deco-Fact again pushes boundaries at the Zoute Rally Grand Prix

December 16, 2016
The Zoute Grand Prix is the oldtimer event where the most prestigious car brands in the world are represented. From 6 until 9 October one had the chance to show off his/her showpiece. This year Deco-Fact has also been given the chance to show its skill to the general public. And this thanks to his clients: First Tent, 24Seven and Veldeman Structures.

The fashionable Zoute forms, with its Kustlaan and the Albert Square an international stage for both old and new extremely exclusive cars during the Zoute Grand Prix. During this weekend the public could enjoy rallies, auctions and peripheral activities.

Year after year, Deco-Fact is challenged to push its boundaries at this beautiful location. And Deco-fact can look back satisfied on this edition.

For First Tent there were three Aluhalls upholstered. One Aluhall (20 m x 35 m) where the pilots could relax, the so-called ' drivers club ', one Aluhall (20 m x 60 m) on the golf site of the Royal Zoute Golf Club and one Aluhall (25 m x 25 m) on the dike. These last two tents were home to for bank Degroof-Petercam. Competed for four days the owners of classic cars here to several prices.

24seven asked Deco-Fact to upholster a Floor tent (25 m x 25 m) and an associated Aluhall (25 m x 50 m). This was taken by the auction house with world fame: Bonhams. Exclusive vintage cars and new cars were sold here.

Deco-Fact decorated several Arcade halls for Veldeman Structures on the dike of the Zoute. This served as a luxury-box for Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes.

Deco-Fact thanks the organization for the commitment and good cooperation and looks forward to next year!

Deco-Fact supplies Kookeet in Bruges

November 07, 2016
Kookeet is the meeting place for all food lovers. It was the 6th edition of this culinary festival which took place in Bruges. 24, 25 and 26 september guest-chef Jeroen Meus served along with 31 top chefs delicious dishes of gourmet cuisine. The tent ‘Village’ in which the chefs cooked and the public enjoyed the dishes, was built by the Bruges firm First Tent. They gave the contract to Deco-Fact to decorate the halls with roof and sidewall upholstery. It concerned three Aluhalls, four arch halls of 20m and an etagehal of a 10 m x 5 m and 35 m.

Spread over these three days, the festival could count on 130,000 visitors that tasted of what the Flemish star chefs served. The public could choose between dishes of Geert Van Hecke (Karmeliet ***), Dominique Persoone (The chocolate Line), Filip Claeys (Jae **) etc. A luxury problem to choose between all these top dishes.

In the champagne bar you could taste, especially for this edition of Kookeet, three Limited Editions-cuvées Résidence Pierre Champagne. At the festival there was also a refined coffee and wine bar. The public could see some of the chefs at work during the cooking demonstrations. In addition, there were cooking chats on the program.

Kookeet became in a very short time the largest food festival of Flanders. You could taste culinary dishes at affordable prices and you got to know the chefs and their restaurants. It is a formula that clearly catches on among the general public.

Deco-Fact decorates the RICOH Open

September 30, 2016
The RICOH Open in Rosmalen loved this place from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th of June. This is the only Dutch grass tennis tournament. Meanwhile, the Open is a fixture in the international tennis circuit. The RICOH Open stands for pleasure, business and elite, and that combined with a unique experience. Commissioned by the Neptune upholstered Maasmechelen Deco-Fact nine tents, including the Galeria Etagehal 12 x 40 meters.

The first edition of the grass tennis tournament in Rosmalen was organized in 1989. Initially it was a demonstration tournament where eight international tennis players participated. A year later, in 1990, made the game part of the newly formed ATP Tour. At that time this was the only grass tournament in continental Europe. The participating tennis players consider the RICOH Open as ideal preparation for Wimbledon.

Nicolas Mahut (ATP-49) was the best among the men. For this 34-year-old Frenchman's is the third victory in this tournament. The American CoCo Vandeweghe (WTA 43) won her second title in the Brabant grass.

Neptune has been for many years the official supplier of temporary event accommodations, and also kept this year's VIP pavilions and public accommodations: the sky boxes on the center court, the promenade, the hospitality village and the tennis village its annual successes. A sport event with top players in a beautiful setting.

Deco-Fact decorates hall for jubilee of Axor

September 15, 2016

Axor Industrial Building at Bocholt is blowing 20 candles this year and celebrated this together with customers, suppliers and especially with their motivated staff. The party took place in the production hall of Axor. This location was transformed into a beautiful ballroom. At the request of Axor, Deco-Fact upholstered the depot.

In 1996, Jake Van Hoof and Patrick Das founded Axor Construction. The company in Bocholt specializes in the supply and installation of steel structures, factories, warehouses, showrooms, garages, offices, etc. The company is also involved in the renovation of existing buildings. A number of years ago Jo and Inge Van Hoof stepped in the company of their father.

Axor has currently five skilled installation teams. Each year, the Axor enthusiastic team is working on some 50 projects.

2016 is a jubilee year. Indeed, the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary and this deserves a great party. Such a milestone can not be unnoticed. Axor took the opportunity to thank the good customers, suppliers and especially motivated staff. Everything was finished to perfection, thanks to Deco-Fact for the upholstery of the production hall. The plain white trim looked very attractive and gave the space an extra festive look!

Axor asked all guests to give a donation to charity, notably the non-profit Little Prince. This association is dedicated heart and soul into for families with children affected by cancer before their 18th. Thanks to the donations of the guests Axor could donate the handsome sum of 3,790 euros.


Deco-Fact supplies tents tour of Flanders

April 20, 2016

On Sunday the 3th of April the Tour of Flanders took place. It was the 100th edition of the cycling tour. This classic is the bench mark for all cycling enthusiasts.

For the occasion of this anniversary The Fan unique Ride was organized. Hundred fans cycled in all exclusivity the last 100 kilometers of the race just before the pros.  A special experience to be encouraged through a multitude of supporters!

The victory of this Round went to world champion Peter Sagan. He dedicated his victory to colleagues Antoine De and Daan Maharjan, who died earlier that week.

Deco-Fact was commissioned by Veldeman to decorate a tent of no less than 4200 m². This tent was at the Oude Kwaremont. The legendary cobble stones of the Oude Kwaremont are a protected monument.

In addition, at the request of Deco-Fact provided for 24 seven, a number of tents along the race course of upholstery. As the tent of 2300 m ² in Oudenaarde at the start and finish. 24 seven provided the viphospitality during the round. In strategic places along the route Viphospitality Deco-Fact decorated the tents. These tents lined the vlaanderenstraat (750 m ²), the painter Street (450 m ²) and in the Hotondstraat (1200 m ²) has The Maasmechelse company for "Flanders" in a total of almost 9000 m ² to tents furnished.


Deco-Fact supplied tent decoration for the baptism of 'Vole Au Vent'

May 22, 2016

Thursday the 28th of April the ship ' Vole Au Vent ' was baptized in Ostend in the presence of Queen Mathilde. ' Vole Au Vent ' is the installation vessel of the international renowned dredging company Jan De Nul from Aalst. The ship is built in 2013 and was recently purchased by Jan De Nul. It is one of the largest ships of its kind and was renamed ' Vole Au Vent '.

This impressive ship of 140 meters will place foundations for wind turbines at the bottom of the North Sea. The company Jan De Nul will install 50 new foundations of 80 metres long in the North Sea from May to August. The wind turbines that will be placed there, belong to the project and is the fourth Nobel wind wind farm off the Belgian coast. The park is located 46 kilometers off the coast of Zeebrugge and has a total area of 22 square kilometers. The new wind farm will have a seating capacity of 165 megawatts and will supply power to 186,000 families of green. Wind energy is a rapidly growing sector. For Jan De Nul is very important to be active in here. The windmill construction in the North Sea is a case in point.

Queen Mathilde acted as godmother of ' Vole Au Vent '. After the christening of the ship, the Queen was received on the ship for the signature of the baptismal certificate.

For this ceremony Deco-Fact decorated some tents and this in order of Nimarent.

It was an Arcade booghal 15 m x 35 m. This booghal had a transparent roof and partially transparent sidewalls. The arch façade was laying on the ground afgestoffeerd. Deco-Fact also decorated the pagoda 5 m x 5 m.

Deco-Fact decorates the Evolution at Brafa

February 01, 2016

 From the 23rd to 31st of January the Brussels Art Fair, BRAFA, took place at Tour & Taxis. BRAFA is one of the world's oldest art and antiques fairs. The first edition was already organized in 1956. The fair is one of the leading trade fairs in Europe. This year is was their 61th edition. Thanks to the growing success of the organisation diverted to a larger location. Since 2004, the fair takes place annually at Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

BRAFA counted this year 137-odd renowned domestic and foreign antique dealers and gallery owners. This year 58,000 visitors could marvel in a friendly atmosphere and could enjoy pieces from antique to modern and contemporary art. The visitors are a loyal audience of enthusiasts and professionals. Afterwards visitors and exhibitors agreed unanimously that it was one of the most beautiful editions.

BRAFA can best be described as an eclectic exhibition and this because of the varied offerings. There are pieces for sale from antiquity to the 21st century. Among the masterpieces you see paintings, tapestries, ceramics, silverware, etc. ... All disciplines and objects were exhibited and offered for sale. The works are of course authentic and of an exceptionally high quality.

The organization of BRAFA wanted a temporary restaurant and chose for the type of tent 'Evolution'. Commissioned by Neptune Structures decorated Deco-Fact this brasserie with a size of 675m2 and a height of 8 meters. The location could seat more than 350 guests. Deco-Fact upholstered these accommodation of 15m to 45m with side wall and sky upholstery.

Deco-Fact decorates New Years Invitito of Voka


Thursday 14 January 2016 was marked in the agenda of many entrepreneurs of Limburg. The annual New Years Invitito of Voka is a fixed value. Every year again this new year's reception is a high level event thanks to the good organization and the original decoration of the location.

The 2800 attendees sounded on a successful and enterprising new year. This Invitito is not surprising the largest network event in Limburg. Entrepreneurs, managers, business managers, politicians and other dignitaries were present.The new President of Voka-Limburg, Francis Mittens, welcomed the audience. He concluded his short speech with the winged pronunciation: "Julius Caesar once said of all the Gauls tha Belgians were the bravest. I add here as Chairman of Voka-Chamber of Commerce Limburg proud to it: of all Belgians the peolple of Limburg are the effective entrepreneurs. "

The invited guests could visit tent on the ground floor with a lounge, a winetasting stand and a separate party tent. The gin-bar hosted by Mike Jackson of the brewery of Wilderen and his team had  an enormous success. On the first floor there was an international corner where you could meet different ambassadors. There were also the meeting points of our partners and showpieces of Limburg designers who are at the top in their branch.

Veldeman Structures Solutions counted on Deco-Fact for the upholstery of the tents. Together with the other partners such as S2 rent (decoration, light and sound, furniture) and Maris (heating) Voka succeeded it again and made it a top evening 

Deco-Fact decorates Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

November 28, 2015

The 42nd edition of the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent took place from the 13th until the 24th of October. Also this year many national and international people made their appearance in Ghent. Besides some famous actors and actresses numerous talented directors and producers came to the Filmfest.

The organization of the Film Fest was in the expert hands of the event agency Fast Forward. This office was the 1st year logistic and coordinating partner for the VIP Village of Flanders International Film Festival Ghent.

Deco-Fact decorated the tents of the VIP Village. The Penthouse 15x10 and 15x35 and 25x40 of Aluhallen were coated with black upholstery.


The movie 'D'Ardenne' of Robin Pront opened this 42nd edition at the Kinepolis theatre. International composers and filmmakers from all over the world stayed at Hotel Harmony. Thanks to the Port of Ghent some of the voters got a private cruise with dinner in the port of Ghent. ING organized a "business innovation night" where young start-ups and entrepreneurs could network with each other. Barco installed the first laser projector ever at a film festival making a 3D movie like 'The Walk'. Many partners pampered our customers and treated them. Euro Millions gave ice pralines as a treat, Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic and Stella Artois served the film lovers at the closing party. And organized also a unique photo shoot.

The international jury of Ghent Film Festival announced the winners in the various competitions. The jury awarded 'Ixcanul' of Jayro Bustamante with the Grand Prize for Best Film. This film from Guatemala tells the story of Maria, a 17-year-old girl. She lives with her parents on a coffee plantation at the foot of the active volcano Ixcanul. Maria picks coffee beans are under the watchful eye of Spanish-speaking foreman Ignacio. It seems Mary her destiny to marry him. But Mary dreams of the world "on the other side of the volcano."

The Port of Ghent Public Award goes to 'Black' of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. 'Black' won a prize at the Toronto International Film Festival. This film takes a look at the Brussels crime and is about 15-year-old Mavela who falls for a boy from a rival gang.

It was a beautiful edition for many businesses, partners and guests. This edition went over 80,000 tickets out of the door and the Film Festival received over 18,000 VIPs.

The media attention was very high. Flanders International Film Festival Ghent got a lot of publicity in the newspapers, on websites and on television both nationally and internationally.

Do you want to relive it all again? Enjoy Proximus soon on television the recordings of the 15th World Soundtrack Awards.


(Photos Fast Forward.)

Deco-Fact decorates the Zoute Grand Prix Rally in Knokke (B)

November 15, 2015

From 8 until 11 October 2015 the streets in Knokke were the scene of shiny vintage cars race. Those classic cars raced against each other in the Zoute Rally Grand Prix. Fans of oldtimers could see hundreds of exclusive cars of premium brands. These were top days for fans of flawless mechanics, shiny metal and exclusive craftsmanship from a bygone era.

The organization had programmed five events during this four-day event were including a regularity rally. The public saw 185 exclusive vintage cars passing by. The Zoute Grand Prix Rally reached its maximum number of participants. The organization of this event was in the hands of Zoute Events and DLB concept. Veldeman Stuctures Solutions and DLB Concept led to the tents. And through their Deco-Fact could account for the upholstery.The tents were located at several different places in Knokke.
Deco-Fact decorated the tents of: Mercedes 10m x 10m x 15m and 10m x 10m x 10m

Ferrari, Audi 20 m x 20m and BMW 10 mx 15m. On the Albert square the company of Limburg decorated a tent with white side wall upholstery (15 m x 65 m). Deco-Fact dressed also the tent of the Drivers club (20 m x 30 m) with a black roof and side wall upholstering.
And at the golf court the company dressed the tent ‘Elegance’ with black upholstering. The gala dinner for the guests took place in this stylish decor.

Deco Fact decorates at the Memorial Van Damme

October 01, 215

The Memorial Van Damme took place at the King Baudouin Stadium on Friday the 11th of September 2015. The highlight of the athletics world. This 39th edition of the Memorial Van Damme was the last and most important athletics event of the year. The best athletes in the world came to Brussels. Deco Fact was present behind the scenes.

The AG Insurance Memorial Van Damme is a top international athletics meeting that is part of the Diamond League. IAAF Diamond League is an annual series of athletic events that take place in 14 cities around the world. The Memorial is one of the two finals of the IAAF Diamond League and the end of the season.

Justin Gatlin won the 100 meters. Gatlin testified later that the Memorial Van Damme is a unique event. "Such a stadium filled to the top, you only see this at the World Cup or at the Olympics," said the athlete.

The meeting is named after the Belgian athlete Ivo Van Damme, who died tragically in 1976. The Memorial is a trendsetter in the development of the meetings and the first to introduce music, fireworks, drums, a dynamic presentation and much more.

Commissioned by Veldeman ensured Deco-Fact for the upholstery in AG Insurance Athletic Club House. This was an alu hall of 30m x 95m. We foresaw the Village Regupol upholstery. These tents consisted of an alu hall of 15m x 70m, 15m x 55m and 10m x 35m. Commissioned by Memorial Van Damme - Golazo caused Deco Fact also for luxury upholstered partitions in the Ag Insurance Athletic clubhouse, Brasserie and Village Regupol.

In 2016 the 40th edition of the Memorial will take place. Make a note of Friday, September 9th, 2016 in your agenda for this anniversary edition in the King Baudouin Stadium. For the impatient among us: the tickets for this edition are already on sale!


Deco Fact handles upholstery at Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde

September 25, 2015

From the 5th until the 9th August, the Flanders Horse Event took place in Lochristi (near Ghent).

This is the annual highlight of the equestrian sports. The event attracts thousands of horse lovers from home and abroad. This year is a jubilee year, the event celebrates its tenth anniversary! The Flanders Horse Event was first organized in 2006 as a small regional jumping.

It quickly grew into a leading event with international appeal. The organizers are trying to put together such a varied program as possible to demonstrate the equestrian sport in all its facets. The agenda is organized so that everyone will find something to their liking, from amateur rider over to the companies that can network and they can put their product into the spotlight. Besides the jumping there is a foal auction. There are plenty of side animation features ranging from a child and straw village …

This leading horse event ranks among the top three outdoor jumpings in Belgium. Every year they expect 15,000 visitors. Including 750 guests from abroad. Some 150 participants from 27 countries. These figures give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of this top event.

It is in this context that Deco Fact might upholster commissioned by Neptune Structures. For this project we are sawing the side wall and sky upholstery full VIP village.

VIP tent 1 was an alu hall of 16m x 55m. The roof, the walls and the viploges were dressed in a color combination of white and purple. As well as the Party Area (10m x 40m) got those colors.

The Business Club (10m x 70m) got a full white upholstery. And for the lodge building, the organizers opted for white and green.

VIP tent was a second alu hall of 16m x 45m. The decoration of the sky upholstery was in white and the walls were covered in black. As well as the stands. For the entrance Mercure (10m x 10m) they chose white trim. Overall a great upholstery project for an equally big horse event.

Deco Fact dresses tents on The Optima Open in Knokke

September 16, 2015

Deco Fact was this summer at the seaside. Not for a well-deserved holiday-at-the-seaside, but to upholster the tents of a unique event. On the agenda was the decoration of the tents of the Optima Open in Knokke. 24Seven organized this tennis event. Deco Fact groomed 5 Aluhalls of sidewall and sky upholstery and all the connecting tents. The sizes of the tents ranged between 8m x 20m, 15m x 30m and 12m x 75m.

Optima Open is a tennis event where former tennis legends meet and played together. From the 14th until the 16the of August  you could see several former tennis legends as Pete Sampras, Pat Cash, Yannick Noah and Henri Leconte at the work. The stake of the game is of course to win. Although during the Optima Open it is more about the spectacle and fun during the match.

ATP Champions Tour, which the Optima Open belongs to, is a very popular competition worldwide. It is a unique opportunity for the public to admire the former tennis stars in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and with a high level show. And above all, those tennis greats have not lost much of their talent. In 2015, the ATP Champions Tour settles in Monterrey, London, Delray Beach, Mallorca, and Verona in Knokke-Heist.

Optima Bank is just like previous years, the main sponsor. A portion of the proceeds from the  ticket sale will go to vzw Jeronimo. This organization serves as a foster-home where children and young people with a difficult home situation can go on weekends and holidays. "It's an honor to be an ambassador for an initiative such as Jeronimo. Every child and young person deserves a warm nest. The feeling that you can participate in building their future is a fantastic experience," says Tomas Van Den Spiegel.

Deco Fact upholsters l’Espace Maillot Jaune during Tour de France

September 05, 2015

Deco Fact decorates tents for the most diverse and varied events. During the summer it is mainly VIP tents at the major festivals. But the summer is also the period in which the biggest cycling race in the world takes place. The tents of this mega event were this year on the planning to upholster.

Deco Fact held Espace Maillot Jaune in Utrecht. This took place on July 4, 2015 Le Grand Départ place. Neptune BV commissioned us to make rooftop and side wall linings. In white and yellow the obviously recognizable colour in the Tour de France.

The Tour de France started this year in Utrecht. On July 4th was the kickoff, or Le Grand Départ, of world's biggest sports event. As a cycling town par excellence Utrecht is an ideal city to host the Tour. Every day 90,000 cyclists go to and from the center! They are building the biggest bicycle parking in the world that can accommodate 12 500 bicycles.

It is the sixth time that the Tour starts in a Dutch city. Immediately a record for a country outside of France. Of course it was for Utrecht the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight of the international on the city! The city received thanks to Le Grand Départ a huge boost on the economic, cultural and tourism field. During five days Utrecht was flooded with hundreds of thousands of cycling fans. The thousands of journalists not included. The city color during this period completely in yellow. Nice detail: Utrecht is the hometown of Nijntje. This bunny was nominated as the mascot for Le Grand Départ in Utrecht.

Deco Fact decorates tents Volvo Ocean Race Pitstop The Hague in 2015

August 29, 2015

Commissioned by De Boer nv Deco Fact dressed tents of the Volvo Ocean Race Pit Stop The Haque 2015.

For this three-day festival Deco Fact provided tissue for several tents existing of white sidewall and rooftop upholstery. It was an ‘Etagehall’ (Tent with a first floor) Premier 20m x 85m with on the first floor an Aluvista tent of 15m x 20m and a 15m x 70m Anova tent with a curved rooftop. Deco Fact also decorated an eEagehal Premier of 20m x 30m with an Aluvista tent on the first floor of 15m x 20m.

The Volvo Ocean Race is the toughest and most challenging sailing race in the world. The participants kept a pit stop in the harbor of Scheveningen. More than 120,000 visitors came to admire the sailboats that were ashore and enjoyed plenty of other activities.

From the port of Scheveningen the sailors started for the final leg towards the Swedish port of Gothenburg. Especially the Dutch sailing team Brunel was looking forward to the short stop in Scheveningen. A frenzied crowd greeted the team. King Willem-Alexander brought a blitz visit to the ship of these sailors. In the cockpit of the ship he spoke with the crew. The Dutch team finished on a well-deserved second place.

Seven sailing ships each having a very international crew aboard, competed against each other in the Volvo Ocean Race. This competition started in October 2014 in Alicante, Spain. Hence the sailors carried out through Africa, Asia, Australia and America back to Europe. After stops in 11 ports, they came on June 27, 2015 to their final destination in Göteborg.

All teams perform the same ship or Volvo Volvo Ocean 65 One-Design. This ship is a class sailboat designed specifically for the Volvo Ocean Race. For the first time in the history of the wegstrijd sailing all sailing teams with completely identical boats.

Deco Fact decorates backstage at Rock Werchter and TW Classic

July 17, 2015

From 25 June to 28 June, the festival Rock Werchter is the official beginning of the summer holidays. A week later it's followed by the TW Classic festival.

People were firmly partying on the meadow of Werchter. In the backstage was obviously also a lot of activity. Guy Garvey of Elbow, "The backstage of Werchter is the best in the world."This is echoed by many artists. And it was here that the Maasmechelen Deco Fact has been at work. At the request of Live Nation Deco Fact decorated the Artist catering and VIP hospitality. This project meant that a curved rooftop of 300 running meters had to be decorated with tissue. It was a challenge but the result was there.

At Rock Werchter 80,000 people enjoyed daily the biggest names in music. Florence and the Machine, Pharrell Williams, Lenny Kravitz were some of the many artists of the line up. Sunday Muse closed a very successful edition of Rock Werchter.

This year it was the 14th edition of TW Classic. On this warm July 4th entertainer Robbie Williams was made the temperatures rise up further. The show of this showman was the highlight of the evening. But also Anouk, Texas, Faithless ... got the audience effortlessly dancing and singing along.

In short, the 62,000 festival-goers have made this edition of TW Classic a sultry party. 

Deco Fact supplies new curved rooftop on the Innovation festival in Ulft

June 25, 2015

The Innovation Festival took place from 25 to 28 March on the DRU Industry park in the Dutch Ulft.

With ' A stepping stone to a new timber-framed ' as its central theme the region showed its innovative, enterprising and connecting power. Also the Belgian Deco-Fact was at the party with a stylish decoration of the Anova Vista Pavilion.

De Boer Structures from Alkmaar (NL) and Deco-Fact from Maasmechelen (B) looked satisfied back on the first innovation festival in Ulft. With an innovative Pavilion in the shape of the Anova Vista they delivered an equally important and adequate contribution to the event.

"That was a pronounced desire of the Organization", says sales director Marc van Raaij Netherlands – born and raised in the Achterhoek-from the farm.

"With our Anova Vista we could comply with. The Pavilion was visually a beautiful whole with the environment. We designed a 'black box ' around the stage and we created in addition glass walls made for a good view at the IJssel and the surrounding area. "

The Anova Vista Pavilion has an area of no less than 750 m². De Boer Structures gave Deco-Fact to upholster the command to this new curved rooftop.

BASF creates chemistry in Antwerp

May 10, 2015
BASF includes 150 years and for 50 years in our country. On Sunday, May 10th threw the world famous company's doors open. Everyone was welcome to take a look behind the scenes of the largest chemical company in Belgium.

Also Deco-Fact was present. "We got the chance to dress the hall and tents."

BASF 150 years, of which 50 years in Belgium: there was no need to persuade many visitors to briefly explore the buildings.

Were young and old will enjoy this day. The little ones were let go on the bouncy castle. There were several schools present to make the youth warm for technology.

The older youth was able to step on the go with a guide to explore the site. The visitors were introduced to the various installations, the technical areas, the fire station, etc.

Commissioned by Red Mountain groomed Deco-Fact upholstery in the tents.

"We got the chance to dress the hall and tents", he says - rightly - proud. "In addition to white colored the venue green and orange."

Deco Fact at Longines Spring Classic of Flanders

May 03, 2015
From Thursday, April 30th till Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 the imposing backyard of the family Postelmans in Lummen was again the scene of a major outdoor jumping event.

This five-star jumping is one of the best and biggest in the world. Deco-Fact took care of the decoration of the public- and viptents.

In recent years the family Postelmans of Lummen put this jumping on the world map. Peter Postelmans was part of the country team that won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Jerez in 2002.

Almost all the top riders were once again present. The fantastic location in Lummen was transformed into an international jumping event with the world's best riders and horses. The event provides a unique combination of topjumping with the brilliant atmosphere in Lummen.

Since 2014, the CSIO Lummen by the FEI promoted to a CSIO5 * level and to official event of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup - Division 1. This is the highest distinction for a Nations Cup event.

In addition to various international top riders Philippe Le Jeune, Pieter Devos, Olivier and Nicolas Philippaerts and Constant Van Paesshen were also present. The Belgians were in superb form at Longines Grand Prix of Lummen: no fewer than six out of ten riders in the jump were Belgians.

Commissioned by Neptune took the team Deco-Fact decorate the public and viptents on its behalf. In this way it could be received numerous attendees in a pleasant and stylish environment to suit this prestigious event.

Deco-Fact supplies third edition City Polo Maastricht

April 24, 2015

Saturday  21 and Sunday 22 March 2015 Maastricht was the place to be for the third edition of City Polo Maastricht.

The tournament turned out to be not only a sporting highlight, but also sponsered the Limburg Foundation Alzheimer's Research Fund. Also Deco-Fact was present for the third time in a row and decorated all the vip tents for Neptunus bv..

The Organization of City Polo Maastricht lies in the hands of a small group of entrepreneurs and is extra supported by different sponsors and partners, as well as the province of Limburg and the municipality of Maastricht and the TEFAF. Jos Houben and Paul Meulemans (prosport Sports & Hospitality), who both have a long experience in organizing polo-events at home and abroad, are responsible for the operational organization.

The Foundation Maastricht City Polo  supports charities with a social basis and to sports related. Each edition again special attention is asked for these charities.

In a blistering final the team os Scapa/Vos won the trophy of the Maastricht City Polo 2015.

The mass audience has at many times watched the final match with bated breath. Actually there were only winners that day, because not only the audience fully enjoyed, the Foundation can satisfied look back on a fantastic tournament.

Just like on the previous editions Deco-Fact upholstered all the vip tents in a stylish white decoration. Neptunus bv hired  Deco-Fact for the attractive upholstery of three tents: the Alure Globe 10 x 10 m, the Alure Globe 12 x 40 m and the Alure Globe 12 x 10 m.


10 years Eventonline? Party Time!

March 26, 2015

 On 26 March 2015 Eventonline transformed the BMW-garage  Norssen in Aartselaar into a sparkling, exclusive event location.

This event was captured live by DB Video. A unique event, because the party place functioned as a showroom until 18h30. A pop-up-party, so! The ideal opportunity for networks.

Dress code: gold/black and a slice of Bond 007. Just as the decoration by Expo Rent: they provided furniture in black and gold. Of the party: about 600 attendees.

 And Yes, they had surplus of right. Because Eventonline, served them a luxurious party,  delicious snacks from Belgocatering and a sensual Acrobat of the Compagnie Newa. Also unforgettable: the oysters of oystercompanie from Amsterdam.

The sympathetic four piece band Outside Box turned off the reception on fine music. While Deco-fact provided the upholstery and Soundfield the  light and sound perfectly groomed. And our Manager Erik Wood? He put an inspired thank you speech and guided u true a nice overview of ten years Event online. Of course we gave away beautiful prizes. Fell your name tag in our scale? Then you might won a magnificent jewel, an exclusive Bollinger-package or a weekend with a glitzy BMW-cabrio.


Deco-Fact takes care of fitting upholstery on New Years Invitito


 Thursday, January 8, 2015, the 23rd edition of the New Year’s Invitito Of the Voka - Chamber of Commerce Limburg - aroused great interest. More than 2,800 participants, including many entrepreneurs, managers and politicians, have a toast to a “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the theme of this year, symbolizing the younger generation of entrepreneurs who will shape the future of Limburg.

As every year, the guests were welcomed at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Hasselt, where Veldeman Structure Solutions has assembled an impressive complex of capitals. The central marquee for the 2015 edition was a tent of 30 x 35 m with an impressive open space of 300 sqm. The layout of the tent matched perfectly the theme of the year “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The Jaga Lounge, aluminum hall 15 x 20 m, connected to the central tent was entirely under the sign of the British band The Rolling Stones . In a colorful marquee Bohemian Chic, participants could taste many wines on the varied Selezione Vini Italiani stand. On the other side of the tent was the festive marquee in an aluminum hall 25 x 20 m.

Naturally, Deco-Fact has also provided adequate materials for the spacious entrance hall, consists of several smaller structures. This is the fifth consecutive year that Veldeman Structure Solutions trusted Deco-Fact, who installed a proper textile lining for ceilings and walls of all the capitals complex.


41st Edition Film Fest Ghent dressed up by Deco-Fact

December 19, 2014

 From October 14 until 25, the 41st edition of Film Fest in Ghent took place, focusing this year on the French cinema.

The festival is hugely successful since 2001, thanks to the organization of the World Soundtrack Awards. The film festival has reached a high status internationally, therefor utmost care was taken for the decoration of the receipt of the VIP.

In order to develop the VIP area according to the rules of art, the organization once again appealed  to the specialists of Deco-Fact . With the help of B&C Tent and Party Rent and Bevas Events, Deco-Fact has transformed the village festival into a cosy VIP area.

Deco-Fact decorated the VIP infrastructure for the 41st  edition, opting for the grey and black upholstery . The ceilings and walls of all tents were covered with elegantly suspended fabric, which created, with the lighting and decoration, a very unique atmosphere.

Flanders Horse Event Beervelde colourfully dressed up by Deco-Fact

November 12, 2014
Many horse lovers went to Flanders Horse Event for the 9th edition of Jumping Beervelde, which took place from August 6 to 10. In recent years, the contest has become a three-star premier event for the sport and met again a success this year.

 International jumping competition, gastronomy, exclusive, prestigious auction foals auction, everything is included in the hospitality formulas Flanders Horse Event. The ideal place for businesses, families, athletes and horse breeders came to share this unique experience.

To highlight the unique character of the event, Neptunus Structures chose this year to work with Deco-Fact for the development of VIP structures.

 All VIP boxes, the Party and the Business area club were dressed accurately and tastefully decorated. The lovely combination of fabrics and building walls in orange and red with a white roof lining, while sober, created a unique festive atmosphere in the VIP boxes.

Deco-Fact has 23 colours  upholstering giving you that little extra for your event to guarantee a festive atmosphere.


Deco-Fact provides ' Bohemian Chic ' on Eccentric

July 07, 2014

 From May 28 to June 2, the beach of Knokke-Heist hosted the 12th edition of Eccentric, the luxury event and lifestyle reference. This year, Eccentric launched a new concept under the theme of 'Bohemian Chic'.

For the 6th consecutive year, Deco-Fact acted as the dressing of the famous 'Eccentric Village'.

Eccentric has not opted for a traditional room configuration, stalls and aisles, but to a concept of 'Eccentric Village', itself subdivided in different 'villages', in which exclusive exhibitors offering the latest trends in luxury, fashion, gastronomy, decoration, etc.

New this year, the event also hosted a Foodlab Beachbar and a bar with champagne Veuve Clicquot overlooking the sea. Many events and related animations such as the Eccentric Oldtimer Roadshow, the Executive Vip-Night and the morning Kids again helped this prestigious show of luxury to stimulate the imagination.

For the 6th year in a row, the Eccentric Village was fully developed by Deco-Fact.

On behalf of the company Aalster Tentenbedrijf, all of the pagodas and halls aluminium have been staffed by Deco-Fact of fabrics tailored to dress their walls and roofs.

Deco-Fact celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new web site

June 03, 2014

 Precisely 10 years ago, armed with the idea that there is a textile upholstery suitable for every occasion, Deco-Fact is launched in the sale and rental of textiles for tents and halls. The tenth anniversary of Deco-Fact must of course be celebrated as it should and is particularly highlighted by an all new website, responding perfectly to the requirements of a modern communication channel.

Ten years after its inception, Deco-Fact can consider themselves as one of the absolute market leaders in the sector of the textile lining for marquees, halls and, by extension, all types of event sites - think of the pop-up restaurant of the eponymous show of VTM. Deco-Fact caters not only to the tent suppliers. Organization agencies and even the individual became over the years of loyal customers of the House. All have the most absolute confidence in the quality and finishing touch that Deco-Fact every time delivers.

Tailor-made service for the customer, quality well-maintained and impeccable finishing materials are an integral part of the offer. Our team assists customers with special requests, such as a structure of luxury lodge or a hoist in roof with as much enthusiasm. Deco-Fact focuses on quality, which is logical. The company has its own workshop confection and a cleaning service. It has also acquired a solid know-how over the years.

The concepts of quality and service are reflected also in the presentation of the new site web After ten years, Deco-Fact believed that it was high time to offer a complete facelift of its old web site. In accordance with the needs of today, textile dressing specialist has opted for a mobile site to look clear and trendy. You will discover who Deco-Fact is and its offer, as well as the latest news from the company. The website also brings an overview of the main references, accompanied by beautiful photographs that put their trust in Deco-Fact and why. Convince yourself and throw a glance on the website today.

Deco-Fact dressed Beliès building for its inauguration

May 27, 2014

 In order to give the brightness required for the opening of its new corporate buildings, Beliès appealed to Feestarchitect Dominique. As a specialist in the market of the Mediterranean gastronomy, Beliès wanted an event cared to the smallest detail. Which naturally includes a decorative wrapping adapted to the event site. And nobody was better placed to this mission as Deco-Fact...

Feestarchitect Dominique appealed to Neptunus Structures to provide sufficient space to ensure a warm and stylish to many guests, including several politicians. Neptunus has therefore installed in Tessenderlo a hall a floor of 16 m x 28 m and a pagoda of 8 m x 8 m kick-off for the employees was given in the morning, followed by a delicious lunch. The afternoon was devoted to the official inauguration of the new company building, that started with an academic session for 330 people.

Beliès had made for this special occasion a work of art, unveiled during this festive assembly using an inventive kabuki system, designed by Deco-Fact. Followed by a guided tour of the company, concluded with a reception for guests.

Deco-Fact is also responsible for decorative upholstery in the aluhall and the pagoda marquee. The ceilings as the sides and all remaining details were elegantly dressed in white. This mission was tailor-made by Deco-Fact, who succeeded once more to create the ideal atmosphere brilliantly.

"My Pop up restaurant" tastefully upholstered by Deco-Fact

April 22, 2014

Pop up restaurants are the new trend of the gastronomic world, a fact that has not escaped VTM. After the success of 'Mijn Restaurant', the new edition plays the card of this new trend in the foodservice industry.

Since February, 5 enthusiastic duos will compete in their own pop up restaurant, where they can create an original concept.

The winning duo will win € 100,000 to fulfill his dream horeca.

These exclusive temporary restaurants are installed on the most pleasant squares in Hasselt, Brussels, Antwerp, Kortrijk and Ghent and the guests can dine there in the heart of a unique concept.

At the request of Medialaan, Deco-Fact supported the rooflining of the five restaurants. In Antwerp and Hasselt, Deco-Fact used a white cloth. The Pop - ups of Ghent and Brussels have a broken white upholstery and in Kortrijk a light grey.

In April, the pop - ups open their doors to the general public. If you want to soak up the unique atmosphere and discover their gastronomic surprises, book quickly because they are only temporarily there.

Deco-Fact also present on BK Cyclocross Waregem

February 27, 2014

During the second weekend of the new year, the famous Belgian Championship Cyclocross took place on the equally famous Hippodrome of Waregm. The sunny weekend of 11 and 12 January attracted a large crowd.

More than 23000 visitors saw for the 9th time Sven Nys crossing the finishing line as a winner.

The links with equestrian sports were visible everywhere and for the occasion, jump obstacles had been transformed into a gigantic cyclo-cross parcour with the necessary obstacles.

 As in the Waregem Koerse, a gigantic Hat Trophy was organized by the main sponsor TVH.

Event agency Twice, that was responsible for the overall organization, including different VIP-formulas, had contacted Deco-Fact for the dressing of a 25 m x 50 m VIP tent. The roof was upholstered in white.

Through marriage of red side walls finishes and a matching interior, VIP guests were able to enjoy the Belgium Championship of cyclocross 2014 in a pleasant atmosphere on the Hippodrome in Waregem.


Big success for the VoKa's New Year's Ivitito

February 03, 2014

Thursday the 9th of January 2014, the 22 edition of the VoKa’s New Year’s Invitito of the VoKa – Chamber of Commerce took place under great interest.

Deco-Fact Ltd. , who has the reputation of being the ‘specialist in upholstery of tents’ , was contacted for the fourth time by Veldeman Structure Solutions for the upholstery of all the structures.

More than 2700 participants, including entrepreneurs, managers, business managers and politicians, made a toast for a successful new year at the New year’s Invitito.

Like every year, the guests where invited at the home base of the Chamber of Commerce in Hasselt, where Veldeman Structure Solutions build a remarkable tent complex.

For the edition of 2014, a multi-story tent 25 x 30 m, who was open at both sides, attached on two aluminium halls of 25 x 10 m with a sidewall of 5,04 m. An open space up to 300m² was created in the multi-story tent. This created a special depth in combination with the super high attached halls.

Remarkable was the  tailor made facade covering of 25 m that at the same time was used as a big project screen.

Everyone who was present affirmed that: “ The New Year’s Ivitito of 2014 was a guarantee for a successful start of the new year”.  


"Brussels Ice Magic" icy dressed by Deco-Fact

January 10, 2014

After the huge success in Paris, the International Ice sculpture Festival “Ice Magic” has come to Brussels for the first time on the Place de Palais. The event started December 20 and you can still admirer the sculptures until February 9 2014.

The inspiration of the sculptures was found in the wonderful world of comic books. More than 420ton of ice was used to take the visitors to the universe of Tintin, Quick & Flupke, the Smurfs, Gaston Lagaffe, Asterix and many more.

Nor should we forget to mention the numerous buildings and monuments of Brussel that will make up the grandiose setting.

The initiatives of Brussels Ice Magic and the Office of Tourism of Brussels contacted De Boer Tents for the set-up of the structures.

A thermic isolated Delta pavilion of 1000m² was built for the Ice hall. An Aluvista of 15x30m was provided for the restaurant.

Deco-Fact foresaw a stylish black roof-and side-lining for all the structures.

The temperature is -6°C, so don’t forget your warm cloths and shiver of admiration until 9 February.


Zoute Grand Prix attractively dressed by Deco-Fact

December 09, 2013

From 10 until 13 October, car fans were enjoying the luxury weekend in Knokke-Heist once again.

The exclusive weekend of Zoute Events, in cooperation with DLB CONCEPTS and Veldeman Structure Solutions, transformed Knokke-Heist into a great car fest of world’s most prestige car brands. Deco-Fact couldn’t be mist for the exclusive decoration of the VIP tents.

The program:


An exposition of 13 premium cars of the latest creations and Belgian premieres on the Kustlaan and Albertplein.


Regularity rally and drive of 160 prestigious old-timers manufactured between 1920 and 1965. The rally started Friday morning in Knokke and ended late afternoon back in Knokke- Het Zoute.

ZOUTE SALE® by Bonhams

The VIP tent on the Albertplein was used for an auction of old-timers for the first time by the British auction house Bonhams.


The second edition of the Zoute GT Tour was held on Sunday morning. A drive through picturesque lanes to Knokke Zoute. Reserved for exclusive and modern GT cars 20 old.


This concours d'elegance will take place on Fairway 1 of the prestigious Royal Zoute Golf Club where a limited number of exclusive cars, split into pre- and post-war categories, will be selected by the organising committee. These unique cars will be judged by an internationally renowned jury.

The decoration of Deco-Fact could be admired in the Royal Zoute Drivers Club on the dike by the Albertsplein. Deco-Fact decorated an aluhal 20x25m with black roof- and side lining.

For the exposition of Ferrari, a few meters ahead on the dike, 2 aluhalls of 10x10m were decorated in white.

The main tent on the Albertsplein, an aluhal of 15x46m, was only decorated with side-lining.

And the aluhal 20x50 on the Royal Zoute Golfclub for the prestige Gala dinner on Saturday night, was fully decorated in black. The black decoration, the beautiful chandeliers and the stylish decoration created an unique atmosphere.



Deco-Fact dresses Film Fest professionally

November 21, 2013

The 40th edition of the famous film festival in Gent took place from 8 until 19 October and since this year it carries the name Film Fest.

For 4 years in a row the organisation appealed to the specialists of Deco-Fact to decorate the VIP accommodation by the rules of the art.

The film festival of Gent originates from 1974 and grew steady from a local happening to an event that echoes throughout the whole (movie)world.

Film Fest has had a boost since 2001 especially thanks to the organisation of the Wold Soundtrack Awards.

The film festival has reached a high status internationally, therefor utmost care was taken for the decoration of the receipt of the VIP.

Deco-Fact decorated for the 40th anniversary all the VIP-accommodations in a special atmospheric light-grey upholstery.

The roof lining as well as the side-lining in all the tents were decorated in a straight light-grey upholstery. The upholstery in combination with the lighting an decoration created an unique atmosphere for this special festive occasion.


Deco-Fact designs the VIP areas at Flanders Horse Event 2013

September 19, 2013

 Again this year many horse lovers participated in the meanwhile widely known Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde. 

Once again, Neptunus Structures chose to collaborate with Deco-Fact for the decoration of the VIP- structures to extra emphasise the exclusivity of the event.

Flanders Horse Event is one of the biggest events for horse riding in Belgium. This year's prestigious event took place from August 8 to 11 in Beervelde.

During the Flanders Horse Event, companies have the opportunity to extensively network and display their products in the different VIP Aluhals.

As in the past, Neptunus Structures opted for a collaboration with Deco-Fact to ensure the exclusive design of the VIP-areas. The VIP Aluhal of 16 x 55 m was decorated in a white roof lining and red side lining. The low partition walls for the VIP- tables were decorated in red as well.

The VIP Village was sheltered in a Aluhal of 16 x 40 m and was fully decorated in black. Deco-Fact also decorated the partition walls black so that the products could be put in the spotlight.

In the Business Club, an Aluhal of 10 x 70 m, where companies can hire a full lodge was fully decorated in white. The separation walls of the lodges were put in a fresh orange colour.

All visitors agreed that the colourful walls and the side lining combined with attractive decoration provided the exclusivity for Flanders Horse Event that is part of the event.


Deco-Fact everywhere represented on summerfestivals

August 20, 2013

 The summer and the busy festival season comes to its end. Belgium, the Festival Mecca for all the music lovers, began its festival season with Werchter Boutique and will end traditionally half September with Leffinge Leure.

Beside the many stages and the artists, the decoration of tents on festivals has become more important over the last few years for the audience as for the VIP-areas.

Deco-Fact, the specialist of roof and sidewall lining of tents, can’t be missed for the decoration of the VIP-tents on the festivals.

Therefore you can admire the decoration of Deco-Fact on most of the festivals.


  • At Pinkpop, in Landgraaf our neighbours from the Netherlands, Deco-Fact decorated the artist tent and the Headliners Village.

  • From mid-June until mid-July, the decoration of Deco-Fact was displayed in the VIP-tents and the Artist catering of Werchter Boutique – Rock Werchter – Werchter Classic and the closing concert of The Wall. The setup of the VIP-area varied from event of 1250 m² until 3000m² of upholstered tents.

  • You can still visit the Q-Beach House until the start of September in Blankenberge. Deco-Fact took care of the roof- and side lining of all the units.

  • At Les Ardentes in Luik, the VIP- story tent of 8m x 35m was provided of an matching roof and sidewall lining as well on the ground floor as the first floor.

  • Gent Jazz that took place from 11 until 21 July was once again provided with cloth of Deco-Fact. The big Concert-tent of 40m x 59m was decorated with white roof lining above the audience and seamlessly  matching black roof lining above the stage.

  • For the festival Zwarte Cross in Lievelde (the Netherlands) Deco-Fact was present for the decoration of the VIP Aluhal 20m x 30m.

  • The upholstery of Deco-Fact couldn’t be missing at the Boomtownfestival at the Kouter in Gent.

  • Tomorrowland, the festival where all your dreams come true,  has risen with a new stage called ‘ The Garden of Madness’. An Evolution was built on a pontoon on the water and the roof was decorated by Deco-fact. Inside as outside, the tent was decorated with the most beautiful flowers. Talking about an eyecatcher... 





Deco-Fact Decorates Road Cycling World Championship

January 11, 2013

At the most recent Road World Championship for road cycling, Neptunus Structures commissioned Deco-Fact to supply all of the event's VIP structures with the necessary upholstery as well as construction of event structures. The eight-day event in the Dutch province of Limburg was deemed "one of the nicest ever" of its kind. The organisation received tremendous praise from all ranks of the cycling world in attendance.
The overwhelmingly positive reactions were not only to the sporting aspects, but also with regards the infrastructural framework.
The World Championship consisted of not just elite cyclists in the men's category, but also women, cyclists under 23, and youth competing for the titles. The tent complexes erected by Neptunus Structures functioned as a stop-in place for these guests for eight whole days.
Neptunus, a company from Limburg specialising in tents for events and temporary structures, supplied the themed pavilions and hospitality houses along with the entire accommodations for the reception area. Here, they erected a complete hospitality, technical and press centre in practically no time at all.
Thanks to the tasteful decor provided by Deco-Fact, the numerous visitors were able to lounge around in a very comfortable atmosphere, which met the approval of everyone there. Deco-Fact upholstered a total of about 7500 square metres of tents, including decorating a 16x40 metre gallery, two 16x80 metre multi-floored halls and all 10x10 metre pagoda-style tents. 

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