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Deco-Fact decorates Evolution in stylish black and white on BRAFA

January 2017, 31

  from 21 to 29 January 2017 You could visit the 62nd Edition of the Brussels Art Fair, better known as BRAFA in Tour & Taxis Brussels. Brafa is not only the first major art event of the year, but also one of the leading art fairs in the world. Commissioned by Neptunus Structures Deco-Fact provided a stylish upholstery for the temporary restaurant, housed in an Evolution-tent,


As one of the oldest art fairs in the world – BRAFA was founded in 1956 – is the event very highly regarded in the art world. And that should come as no surprise given the Organization year after year a flagship offering to ' fine arts ', antique, modern and contemporary work and design under one roof. More than 60,000 visitors – once again this year a record – knew the road to Tour & Taxis, where the stock market since 2004, has to find its home port there to enjoy to the fullest the offer of not less than 132 reputable exhibitors from 16 countries. The fact that BRAFA increasing numbers of foreign art lovers for a trip to Brussels know to charm, proves that the nine-day event to the absolute top of European art fairs.


At a prestigious fair hears an equally prestigious restaurant and there loaded the Neptune Structures and Deco-Fact in turn. Neptunus set there is a 15 m x 45 m large Evolution-tent, which is characterized by an ingenious construction system in which the aluminum roof structure at one time with a hydraulic system is increased. Deco-Fact made at the request of Neptune for a remarkable and stylish sky upholstery of the tent with white and black surfaces and points up and down in the roof. Visually formed the different planes a visually stunning, smooth transition.



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