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Objective party in modern Veldeman tent

May 15, 2017

  For the celebration of its 20-year anniversary and the opening of a state of the art new building  software company Objective wanted to rent  an appropriate tent.

These had to be big enough for a reception area and a seated dinner, and a party on the last day of the three-day corporate event. The tentstructuur had to be connected with the new building and there had to be eclipse feature to create the perfect atmosphere for a gig. Veldeman placed a beautiful booghal Arcada of 15m by 45m. The modern tentstructuur was equipped with tight-fitting panels

The booghal was darkened by the use of opac (non-translucent) roof fabric and black upholstery.

Together with partners, The Powershop, Deco-Fact, Coby, Soundfield and Dinner Private made Veldeman for a successful result!



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